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(CBC) Civil Building Construction is a leading building contractor that has been providing quality contracting services in seven distinct but related business sectors:

  •  High Rise Residential Building Towers                

  • Environmental Energy Solutions

  • Bridges, Marina Docks, Ports    

  • Architectural Building Solutions 

  • Building Maintenance Services

  • Sustainable Modular Housing

  • Mining Infrastructure, Including Roads 

2015 Building Sustainability Award Winners

GPM, the world's largest sustainability professional development organization announced the recipients of its 2015 sustainability awards 

GPM therefore acknowledges and congratulates the following commendations within the awards program: CBC - Civil Building Construction 

This year, we have received a diverse range of projects for the awards program which have highlighted the flexibility of PRiSM as a management methodology. The submissions have also highlighted the link between PRiSM and the emerging trends associated with climate change and the increasing importance of sustainability globally.In response to the submissions received the GPM Awards board has decided to award additional recognition for submissions, that demonstrated the increasing use of PRiSM within mainstream projects, as commendations. GPM therefore acknowledges and congratulates the following commendations within the awards program:"National Affordable Housing Consortium" - adoption

of PRiSM management methodology within the criteria for: 1, "NDIS Design Competition "Whole of Life : Whole of Use". - Renewable Energy Technologies "Refurbishment and Enhancement of Mantra Wings"

2015 Building Sustainability Award Winners, Civil Building Construction of Australia.

December 20, 2015


Civil Building Construction
Civil Building Construction
civil building construction
civil building construction