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Civil Build Construction

Our core purpose within CBC is to enrich lives by building the Australian Dream.

CBC takes pride in designing buildings and homes and communities that are innovative, built with care and superior workmanship, and deliver enduring value, while practicing responsible stewardship of environmental resources. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience by respecting employees and trade partners, rewarding high performance and creating an environment of personal growth and fun.

Civil Build Construction

• We must perform our daily activities with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.


• We take pride in everything we do.


• We value our entrepreneurial culture and the empowerment of employees in the pursuit of excellence.


• We are committed to excellence and an uncompromising desire to satisfy our customers.


• We will reward our shareholders by striving to produce superior financial results, recognising

that profitability and growth are essential to our continued success.


• We earn the trust and loyalty of our customers by doing what we say and treating others fairly.


• We are committed to providing quality and value in every home and building we build.


• We value and respect our employees, customers, trade partners and investors for their skills, experiences, beliefs and resources.


• We recognise outstanding performance by rewarding both team and individual accomplishments.


• CBC promotes a competitive spirit in an atmosphere where we work hard and have fun.


• We share our success by giving back to improve the quality of life in the community


At CBC, we believe sustainable building is more than just using green materials or offering selected green features at additional costs to the buyer. Truly sustainable building requires a commitment to designing homes and buildings to function better as an integrated system of features that work together to maximize the benefits of each  at little or no extra cost to the buyer, and adopting that as a standard practice. We build some of the most energy-efficient homes in the country, saving our homeowners up to 78% on energy costs. Our homes are not just energy-efficient they are healthier, quieter, safer, cleaner and more comfortable than standard group builder homes. To create repeatable improvements we work with suppliers, subcontractors, real estate agents and mortgage underwriters to assist in recognizing the economic value in better functioning homes and buildings. We also create awareness of the improved value of our homes throughout the buying, ownership, and resale processes.

We are Committed to making change in sustainable building practices by implementing a strong, unified sustainability platform across our own divisions.

Civil Build Construction
Civil Building Construction
Civil Build Construction
Civil Build Construction

At CBC we continuously monitor and improve customer satisfaction, we hire

At-solve as our global training partner to independently survey every new CBC home owner 20 days after closing. At-solve emails home owners with a link to an online customer satisfaction survey with both industry standard questions and those customized for CBC, then collects survey results. Home owners answer more than 100 questions about their home buying experience, including open-ended questions about what they liked and how service could be improved. CBC has real-time access to completed survey results and can view results in a number of ways including community location and product selection. We regularly review

customer satisfaction survey results informally and formally, through At-solve we are discussing survey result and trends from the past year. At CBC we conference call among our customer service teams and offices companywide and hold individual department meetings as needed.

Building with US,


There's nothing quite like a luxury CBC home or building. From the bold architectural designs with the finest interior finishes to the incredibly energy-efficient plans in the most prestigious locations, our CBC builds take luxury living and working environments to an unparalleled height. Our worksmanship, first-class features, unsurpassed attention to detail, our innovative energy efficiencies have also been recognised time and again with numerous accolades from our clients. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience reinforced by respecting our employees and trade partners, rewarding high performance and creating an environment of personal growth and fun. We support educational & cultural organisations to strengthen the communities within each operating division of CBC. We contribute financially to charitable organisations and promote employee participation in nonprofit programs and events to improve the communities where we live and work. .


We pledge to be a responsible corporate body as we seek to enrich the lives of our homeowners, employees, shareholders, trade partners and the communities in which we operate.


As we grow, our commitment to corporate sustainability will endure.


Founded & Managed by 
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Civil Building Construction
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